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The Babar Academy (BA) is the national body which champions teaching excellence. We provide value to the Education sector by focusing on the contribution of teaching as part of the wider student learning experience. The Advisory Board is dedicated to promoting the quality of Babar Academy review processes, protecting relevant standards and awards, and continuous improvement. It brings together experts from the Education sector, relevant professional bodies and Education Academy staff to provide a collaborative forum which considers matters relating to Babar Academy policy, process and practice across the areas of work relevant to the Babar Academy. The activities of the Advisory Board will be informed by research and will promote best practice.

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Out state-of-the-art online token issuance based Help desk system is on the access 24/7 to our customer, our dedicate team of support and service are directly updated by the software keep them at student service always. We strive to provide our students with good quality programs, with an emphasis on attention to detail.

We pride ourselves on having a zero-tolerance policy on mistakes; if a program looks bad we'll throw it out and prepare a new one. We will never send sub-par programs to a student. We always try to ensure the customer receives the items they really want; if we have questions or concerns about your order we will always contact you first to confirm your choices.

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